Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Two and a half months out

Two and a half months out from genioplasty. Swelling gone.
The surgeon hasn't weighed in yet, but I think the swelling is gone now.   The muscles around my lips are getting better.  I can press my lips together (like to blot lipstick) again.  I see the surgeon late next month but things seem to be working the way they should.  Still have numbness in my chin, mostly in the middle,  not as bad as a month ago.  Still not sure I like the look of the result.  Sometimes when I see a photo or video of me, all I see is the huge chin.  i think it makes my mouth look thinner when I am not smiling and my jawline is bumpy where the bone was cut.  This is supposed to wear down in time, but hasn't yet.

Got fed up with my hair.  Was going to grow it longer, but finally realized it just wasn't working and had it cut short today.  It is very short in the back and tapers to jaw length in front.  Still kind of long layers in front.  Not sure I will keep them.