Monday, December 2, 2013

Two weeks out

Two weeks out— most of swelling gone
As of today, I am nearly three weeks out from my genioplasty, but I didn't post the photos from last week, so thought I would catch up.  My chin is starting to look pointy, at least when I smile.  Most of the bruising is gone except for two tiny red spots on my neck and some pale yellow areas.  Stitches have started to dissolve, but not fast enough for me.  This is the only real issue now as well as some numbness in the chin and pins and needles feeling where the numbness is starting to go away.  I am pretty happy with the results now except for when I wear my retainers at night.  Then I have trouble keeping my lips together.  Told the orthodontist last week and he said to wait until all the swelling is gone.  Not sure what he will do.  I am hoping for a retainer adjustment. the good news is that this helped enlarge my airway even more.

I can eat most everything and enjoyed my thanksgiving holiday last week.  The only issue is that the area where the incision was and the stitches are gets irritated when food touches it.  The only relief is with warm salt water rinses and making sure I brush after meals.

I am finally happy with the way it looks, even in profile.  I no longer have the "flat face" look I had after the big jaw surgery, nor do I have the "dumb" look and the overly prominent nose I had before I started down this path.  No more recessed jaw.