Monday, November 18, 2013

Post Op Day 6

Day 6 bruising on neck and under chin
Day 6.  Almost back to normal in terms of energy.  Lots of bruising on the neck now but large painful bumps of bruising under the jawline are much smaller. You can start to see my jawline now. These pics are not bad.

No pain, no fever, no complications.  The really unexpected thing is that I have had no serious headaches for over a week.

Still eating relatively soft foods: smoothie with yogurt and berries and chia seeds for breakfast, brown rice and kale casserole for lunch.  Will try to make a real stir fry dinner tonight if my energy lasts.  Planning to make tofu and vegetable stir fry.

Got out today and took my car to the dealer to get a minor problem fixed, then stopped at the store for a few groceries I forgot to get yesterday.  Felt pretty normal.  Like yesterday, I had my neck wrapped in a scarf to avoid questions about my colorful neck.

So in terms of function, I think the surgery worked. It seems easy to fully close my mouth now.  Not sure how happy I am from the beauty side of things.  I am trying to wait until the all the swelling is gone to pass judgement.  Right now I think it makes me look more severe from some angles.  We'll see.

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  1. You look good. Really pleased that it went so well.