Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Genioplasty 1 week out

1 week out
My genioplasty was one week ago today.  I am pretty much back to normal activities, although I try to rest half the day.  No real exercise yet, but I went to Naginata practice last  night to watch and ended up helping people, although not practicing myself.

Still sticking to relatively soft foods although I ate some tortilla chips yesterday and it seemed ok.  Made muffins out of the apples left in my fruit basket as I was afraid to eat them raw at this point.  The only flaw in the ointment today was a sinus like headache that would not quit.  Can't seem to shake the cold symptoms from the cold I had a few weeks ago.  Took half the day to get rid of the headache which made me sick to my stomach and started to resemble a migraine.  Ate the last of the leftover mashed potatoes that my husband made me the other day and felt immediately better.  Put hot compress on my head and that helped too, as did a hot shower.

I see the surgeon for my follow up tomorrow.

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