Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Final bite adjustment

After more than four years of orthodontic appliances and two jaw surgeries, I had my final bite adjustment in August.  It took a couple hours for my orthodontist to file down a few of my teeth that were still problematic but then I could bite down on both sides of my mouth at the same time.

Now I only wear my retainer at night and I look like a normal person and speak without a lisp for the first time in four years.  I can bite into corn on the cob and eat steak if i want to.  I haven't tried biting into an apple yet, still nervous about that one.  The only thing that still causes some jaw pain are nuts that are very hard.

So I thought I was done.  Then my orthodontist looked at me and realized that the muscles in my chin were not fully relaxed when my lips were closed and he wants me to see the surgeon again about another procedure to augment my chin.  I had that same sinking feeling I had when he told me I needed to have my lower jaw widened first before the double jaw advancement surgery.  My first thought was "No!" but then the more I thought about it and realized that the muscle strain might keep me in pain, I relented and made an appointment to see the surgeon to discuss the possibility of a sliding genioplasty.  Sounds gruesome.  They slice into your chin bone and then reattach it slightly upward from its original position.  All done in the surgeon's office and not nearly as big a deal as the jaw advancement surgery, but still....I thought I was done.  I see the surgeon in early October for a consult and then we'll see.

Not looking forward to this.