Friday, June 29, 2012

Seven Months PostOp

I guess it is a statement in and of itself that I haven't blogged here in so long.  Life returned to normal after the first 90 days.

I am now past six months and my surgeon cleared me.  "You're done", he said.  No need to see me at the one year mark.  My sleep doctor also gave me the boot after my last sleep test showed no evidence of obstructive sleep apnea.  I am cured of that at least.  No more CPAP, no more snoring, no more waking up six times or more in the night.

In three days I see my dentist.  If he gives the ok, my braces come off on 23 July.  I have been holding my breath for the last three weeks.  I am anxious, yet afraid.  What if he says no?  I desperately want the braces off before my 60th birthday in August.  I have dinner reservations, my Mom is flying out, and yesterday I bought a Kate Spade dress for the occasion.  Braces will just ruin it.  Besides that, I am sick to death of picking food out of them.

My headaches got better last month, only to come roaring back after the last orthodontic adjustment.  Sigh.  This is why I am holding my breath about the dentist assessment.  If I am still clenching at night, how can I be done with braces?

On the eating front, I can bite into a hamburger or sandwich.  I can even eat some nuts if I am careful.  Still cannot bite into an apple though.  I managed to gain back the weight I lost (a whole 8 lbs) while moving and going on vacation.  If you are over 50, don't expect great weight loss from this surgery, unless you don't know how to make a high-protein smoothie.

On to Monday and the date with the dentist.  Will stay in touch.  If all goes well, will have after photos in a month.